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OU Student Financial Center

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Welcome to the SWAT Scheduler!

The SWAT (Student Worker Assistance Team) allows departments to hire additional work-study students for special events or times of high work volume at no cost to them! 

SWAT provides temporary part time employment opportunities for Federal Work Study students and allows students to make connections with campus departments and staff.  Members of SWAT are paid $8.75 per hour. 

If you have not visited the SWAT Scheduler before, please “Register for an account” on the left side of the screen. 

SWAT Scheduler instructions

Before reserving a student, please review the SWAT Mentoring Guide and return the signature page to

To reserve a student, click on the students available time (indicated in white).

Enter the time that you want the student to work (must be during available hours).  Please allow 24 hour notification of appointment.

Enter the required information on the appointment questionnaire and click "save appointment." Both you and the student will receive an email confirmation.  All reservations must be a minimum of one hour.

To allow equal opportunity, students may only be reserved for four (4) consecutive weeks by a single department.

If a student does not make their reservation appointment, please contact Mari-Ann Stumblingbear at


The Excel Time sheet can located on the Work Study Page.  Time sheets are due to the supervisor when the reservation has been completed or at the end of the pay period end date - whichever comes first.  The FWS Payroll Schedule is also located on this page.

Supervisors are responsible for approving and submitting the students time sheets via email to or fax 325-7608.  

Beginning September 1, 2018 the Student Financial Center will be going live with Workforce Time Entry.  However, please continue to submit the Excel Time Sheets until further notice.

Please reserve appointments located within walking distance from the Norman campus. Walking distance is defined as anything north of Timberdell Road. You may contact Mari-Ann Stumblinbear at to make special reservation requests if you are located beyond Timberdell.

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